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The recording studio

Located in Worcester UK the Music Chamber is a small professional project studio that is ideal for recording vocals (singing to backing tracks), voice overs, audio book creation, podcasting and podcast editing, film and show music production, Instrumental performance, solo recording, stringed instruments, brass and woodwind, percussion and small ensembles.

We tend to record vocalists, solo instrumental performers, boy or girl vocal groups, duos, trios etc (due to limited studio space).
Girl recording vocal to backing track

Quality studio recordings

The recording studio uses high quality software virtual Instruments and samples, so if you composer or arrange music please call for more information. We use the best piano plug-ins and soft synths that are available and there are plenty of options for rhythm & percussion as well as guitar amp & cab emulations. We use quality microphones and effects, we are confident that we can produce a recording that you will be happy with.

Record as little or as much as you want

Record a single track or record a full album. Artwork for your finished CD can also be be done. Quality equipment including pro spec software, high quality microphones (including valve condensers) and awesome effects plug-ins are used. Although the recording studio is small it is ideal for anyone looking for a project studio to compose, write and record their music.

We are not a ‘Mastering’ house but we get excellent results that we are sure you will be happy with. If you intend to release your CD commercially, then we would recommend for the final CD to be Mastered at a professional Mastering facility.
Altiverb reverb processing
PSP Master Compressor

Studio for songwriters & composers

If you are a songwriter / composer and your'e serious about recording then contact us for a recording quote. We deliver a very personal service that is both cost effective and professional. Your demo songs will come to life after we have mixed and mastered them.

Do you need a great sounding reverb on your recording? We use the wonderful and very open sounding Altiverb.

We also use quality compressors and limiters and we have a good selection of great sounding equalisers.

Session players available for hire

We have connections with many fine, extremely competent musicians. These musicians are available for hire. We are also in contact with song arrangers just in case you are looking for that Hollywood string section arrangement in your recording!

Beautiful string and vocal recordings

Violin and stringed instruments are recorded beautifully, and singers / vocalists recording using our valve microphones and quality effects reverbs, compressors will be ecstatic with the quality at which we can capture their voices.

Acoustic guitar recording

Acoustic guitar can be recorded using our specialist high quality clip on condenser microphone (this allows the guitarist to have the freedom to move around the control room, the microphone is able to record every little detail in the performance.

If the guitarist prefers, the acoustic guitar can be recorded with our warm and airy dual valve microphone, but by doing so loses the freedom to move around.
Ivory grand piano recording
Violinist recording
Guitarist recording

Grand piano recording

We are very pleased to announce that after searching long and hard and wasting lots of money in the process, we have finally discovered a grand piano software instrument that we are absolutely 100% happy with!

The Synthogy Ivory grand piano module has the most accurate and the most amazing level of detailed sound we have ever come across.

There are several grand piano types to choose from:
  • a) Steinway D concert grand piano
  • b) Italian concert grand piano
  • c) Bosendorfer concert grand piano
  • d) Yamaha concert grand piano

When you record using this instrument you will feel that you are playing a £300,000 concert grand piano.

A virtual grand piano that has been fully restored and tuned to concert pitch by the worlds greatest piano technicians.

This is not a toy!

Update V2 Ivory now installed, it's now even better!
We also offer full Audio Editing including:
  • Changing Audio / Track length to required Time (audio expansion / contraction)
  • Editing Music for Dance Schools / Dance Routines
  • Audio Restoration - Forensics, Lawyers and Medical
Pitch and timing correction using Melodyne

Pitch and timing correction using Melodyne audio plug in

What type of work do we do?
Audio editing and producing music for dance schools, shows, theatre productions, conferences and films including voice overs, audio books, podcasts and podcast editing.
  • Alter Length of Dance Routines, show music etc
  • Speed up Slow Down, Fit sequence to Time Frame
  • Cut, Splice and Copy parts of sequence
  • Create a sequence from two or more different pieces of music!
Dance routines edited
We also do Track Editing, cut, splice, copy etc for Dance Schools who need their music shortened for Dance Festivals. The cuts will be seamless, and without the clicks and gaps that you often get when the tracks have been done 'at home' using the traditional methods that are sometimes used by dance teachers.

Any style of music can be edited, we can even arrange and record into the sequences to achieve beginnings and endings.

It is also possible to time compress tracks - lets say you have a sequence that is 2.15 minutes long and you need it to be only 2.00 minutes, we can work our magic without having to cut, splice, copy etc or do anything that is destructive to the sequence. The end result is the same complete sequence that has a length of 2.00 minutes!

Take the stress out of preparing your student dance sequences and let us do all the hard work! You won't regret it and you will have more time to devote to your students, and have a professionally edited, complete dance sequence ready to be used!

Contact Us for more details or speak to Scott tel: 01905 359449
  • Music Tuition
    Music Lessons given by experienced teachers in the heart of Worcester UK… Our dedicated School of Music will help you develop as a musician.

    We provide tuition for complete beginners as well as more advanced lessons for the established player. All teachers are hand picked and have valid CRB certificates.

    For general information and links to individual tuition pages please visit

    Learn to play an Instrument
  • Guitar
    ALL styles of electric and acoustic guitar playing is taught. Whether it's folk or classical, rock or blues the teacher will provide lessons to suite the individual. Students are taught one to one by friendly and experienced teachers.

    Bass guitar lessons also available.

    All ages are taught and complete beginners are welcome.

    For more information about guitar lessons please visit the relevant pages at
    Guitar lessons
  • Singing
    The singing lessons are taught one to one and the following styles are covered:
    • Musical Theatre
    • Classical and Choral
    • Rock and Pop
    Students aged 10 years and upwards (depending on the style) can be taught, beginners are always welcome.

    For more detailed information please visit this relevant page
    Singing lessons
  • Drums
    We have great teachers that will get you playing the drums in no time! Have a whole lot of fun whilst beating those skins.

    Learn to read drum music and be taught some wicked rhythms. The drum lessons cover all the basic styles of playing, so if you want to play rock, or learn some latin grooves or maybe chill out with some snazzy jazz and swing patterns the teachers can adapt the lessons to want ever style you wish to learn.

    The drum tuition is taught one to one, and students can start from 8 years and upwards. We teach beginners and also offer more advanced classes for those who want to improve their drumming techniques etc.

    For more detailed information please visit this relevant page
    Drum Lessons in Worcester UK
  • Piano and Keyboard
    If you really want to take piano or keyboard lessons, and are keen and enthusiastic, then we can teach you! Whilst learning to play some great tunes you will also learn how to read music and hopefully how to co-ordinate your hands!!

    You will get to play a wide range of music, from pop to bach. The piano and keyboard lessons are taught one to one. We take on students from the age of 6 and upwards, and beginners are very welcome.

    For more detailed information please visit the relevant pages or
    Ivory grand piano recording
  • Recording • Tuition Gift Vouchers
    Gift Vouchers for the recording studio and for music tuition are available here

    Gift vouchers for the recording studio
    Gift vouchers for the recording studio
Oh, and just one more thing...
Contractual legal agreements can be produced for the client if needed, it's always best to safe guard yourself and to protect your work and rights if you are a professional musician.

Recording Studio
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